Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jr. Jr. Thistle E.P.

These are some acoustic songs from a project I have called Jr. Jr. which is what my grandmother calls me because they call my dad jr. so I am Jr. Jr. I wrote these songs as gifts to my mom, grandma, and my ex girlfriend for presents. Alot of them are from 3 and a half yrs ago when I was living in Arkansas with my best friend Mike! I would record them in the bathroom of our townhouse in Fayetville! I would stand in the bathtub with my guitar with a room mic and sing. It was pretty fun!

here is the link


1. Nosepicker
2. Mama
3. The Pine Children
4. The Wolf and the Lamb
5. The Sons Who Went Away
6. Parlor Tricks
7. Pendulum


Jeremy Abel said...

I'd love some chord charts for these things so I can play along!

Lilya said...

strange-the link doesn't seem to work!

Joel said...

every time i find one of these links it's like opening presents. and when i say presents, i mean ones from that really cool uncle, not an ugly sweater from the grandparents.

Charlie D. said...

did you go to u of a? looking forward to hearing this

Anonymous said...

i have a question
on the jr jr myspace there is a pic of a cover that says 'for king and country ep'
are these eps the same or are there two jr jr eps?
if there is a for king and country ep i would love to hear it
thank you

ZAQ said...

Hi Randy,

Please share your music for the
King And County E.P.

Can we listen to those tracks?!?

I sure enjoyed your Thistle E.P.