Sunday, May 17, 2009



Candis said...

I live right by the Bishop airport which is nice for frequent visits. It all started when I had to pick up my sister and I watched a pajama clad little girl reunite with her mom. It is not the reuniting part that I particularly like, it's the people anticipating the reunion.

Airports: the best kind of people watching!

Plus parking is only a dollar.

Tree Castles said...

"When I was younger I prayed for brokenness, but what I meant was closeness."

Your words, Randy... just like the moon affects the oceans, your words affect my heart in such a way that makes me ache.
And your songs. I must admit I had forgotten about my fondness for them for quite a while, but I'm back. I'm back and your magic is filling up the corners of empty spaces in me with neon secrets, glitter and depth.

Do you keep written journals? diaries?
If so, how wonderful they must be.