Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tracklisting for Dead Kids

1. Frozen Sound # 7
2. Green Vision
3. Hunger Pains
4. Protein
5. Idol Builders
6. Dead Kids


Candis said...

You're killing me, Randy. I pine for Zilwaukee more and more every day. What happened to July? Am I missing something? I can only watch that KEXP video so many times!

deastro said...

the band quit and I just don't have any money to record with right now. I should just do it with my two track but I want to hear the song with drums and I haven't figured out how to record it.

Candis said...

Well, how can I argue with that? But that song is so fantastic! And I'm sorry about your band. I have a joke for you-
One day a man walks into a pet store. He asks the worker for a very loyal and friendly pet. The worker told him to trust him when he brought out the caterpiller, as the caterpiller is a very friendly and loyal pet. He brought the caterpiller home and asked him if he wanted to go on a walk. His new pet never answered, however, so he went on the walk by himself. The next day, he asks his new pet again if he wants to go on a walk, but again the caterpiller did not respond. After he gets back from his walk, he asks his caterpiller "what the heck? You are supposed to be friendly! You never respond to me and never want to go on walks." The caterpiller responds "hold on a second! I'm almost done putting on my shoes!"